Bati Blast – Sablage Savoie 73 “Sandblasting”

Breathing new life into old wood, metal and masonry.

About Bati Blast:

Toby Ward, owner of Bati Blast Enterprise, was born in England. Toby has been living in France for 15 years and speaks French fluently.  He has been in the building and renovation industry in France for 10 years and in this time he has made many connections in the industry.  Toby will always ensure you get the best materials for the best price and will always guarantee maximum efficiency.

Bati Blast is well known in the local area and they receive many recommendations and a lot of additional work from their clients.

What they do:

Bati Blast are based in the Tarentaise Valley and are a mobile sandblasting unit covering the Savoie region during the summer months and Provence, Cote d’Azur during the winter months.

They are equipped for large-scale renovations of exterior and interior woodwork and cladding as well as smaller jobs like shutters, doors and radiators. All jobs are considered and smaller jobs can be collected and taken to Toby’s workshop to be blasted and delivered back to the client.

After blasting, treatment is often essential. They use a wide range of UV protective oils and varnishes.

Bati Blast also provide a skilled painting and decorating service to leave the building with a fresh modern feel, while preserving its traditional roots.

Contact Bati Blast – Sablage Savoie 73

Bati Blast – Sablage Savoie 73
Toby Ward
Peisey Nancroix
73210 Savoie, Rhone Alps

  • Telephone: 06 03 19 46 62
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